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Charitable Affiliations
  • Tria Tries

    Tria Gallery is proud to bring the arts to underserved children in the community.

  • Calhoun School & Tria present "Hopes and Dreams"

    An exhibit of Japanese-inspired artwork by Calhoun's fourth graders, was being held at TRIA Gallery.
    The exhibit represents a cross-divisional community service project between the fourth grade and Middle School members of the Japan Relief Club, which is spearheading renewed initiatives to expand the work of Hand Delivery of Love. The charitable organization, established last year by a Calhoun student, supports the youngest victims of Japan's tsunami and earthquakes disasters through a letter-writing campaign.

  • Donors Choose (www.donorschoose.org)

    Turning Trash to Art and Saving the Environment: a school project allowing students to create art for the environment and further their environmental impact by raising funds to donate to a foundation.

  • Calhoun School (Mission Statement)

    Calhoun School and the Vassar Haiti Project benefitting Water.org and the Peligre School of Hope in Haiti.

  • Art4Barter (Mission Statement)

    Art4Barter, a traveling event curated by Antonio Puri, is an innovative way to encourage discourse by connecting artists with new collectors. By facilitating the exchange of artworks for needed goods and services, Art4Barter proposes ideas about how art is assessed and offers new means of patronage. Tria Gallery is pleased to have donated space for the 7th experiment.

  • Free Arts Foundation (www.freearts.org)

    An organization which provides under-served children and families with a unique combination of educational arts and mentoring programs that help them foster the self confidence and resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential.

  • EFIAF Peace Education Program (www.efiaf.org)

    The Ellen Frank Illumination Foundation's Peace Education Program, The Illumination Atelier, unites youths, artists and scholars to research and create illuminations that bridge ethnic and religious diversity and national identity. The CITIES OF PEACE™ paintings will tour the world, and was on display at Tria Gallery in fall of 2008 and at St. John the Divine in early 2009.

  • Help for Orphans International (www.helpfororphans.org)

    A non-profit organization which provides superior education facilities and materials for orphans around the world

  • Victory Fund (www.victoryfund.org)

    An organization providing financial and campaign support to gay and lesbian political candidates.